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Where do our buyers come from and why? Our buyers come from all over the globe. The come from San Francisco , from Berkeley form San Ramon. They come from New York , Atlanta and Michigan . They come from Hong Kong , France and New Zealand . They are teachers and lawyers and entrepreneurs in all shapes, colors and sizes. They all come here for one common purpose. They wish to live and raise their families in a well educated, affluent safe community with the best weather in the Bay Area if not the world! They wish to be close to the cultural epicenter of San Francisco and the intricacies of modern culture and Art. They wish to be near fine dining, vintage wine and an international airport. They want it all and they want it close to their home. We are just minutes from the vitality of the City, the Golden Gate Bridge and two major international airports. Who could ask for more?



  1. Why are you moving? Assessing your needs
  2. What are you looking for? Wants Vs. Desire
  3. What is the most important thing to you in a home? Clarifying your goals
  4. What is a comfortable price range for you? Finding a comfort zone


  1. Finding the home
  2. Writing the contract
  3. Negotiating the deal
  4. Finding the lender
  5. Lining up the inspectors
  6. Transaction co-ordination
  7. Escrow processing
  8. Making the process look like and effortless transaction
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